Drop Forged Scraper Conveyor Chain for I-Beam Overhead Conveyor (9118)

Drop Forged Scraper Conveyor Chain for I-Beam Overhead Conveyor (9118)

Project Description

 Drop Forged Scraper conveyor Chain 9118 For I beam Overhead Conveyor


Our drop forged scraper conveyor chain 9118 for I beam overhead conveyor are most competitive and are of high quality. There are many items available. Our chain trolleys are also most competitive in world markets

We are also producer of detachable chain.Please feel free to contact with us and our good are most competitive in your market.

Most of our conveyor chains ,trolley,and trolley carriers are exported to Europe, Brasil, American, South Africa, India, Korea and so on.

Drop Forged Scraper conveyor Chain

Our main products are drop Forged chain and trolley, drop forged rivetless chain,forged chain link,forged conveyor chain such as X678,X458, X348 chain, P142 chains, P200 chain, extended pins,drop forged chains China, drop forged chain trolleys China, forged overhead conveyor chain,paver chains,  yoke,chain,conveyor chains. Scraper chains produced by CNC machine


Drop Forged Rivetless Chain, Drop Forged Conveyor Chains, drop forged chain link for I-Beam Overhead Conveyor (9118)
1. Scraper Conveyor chains P142,P142V,P142H,P200,P102,P250,P260
2. Detachable chain 51,52,55,57,62,74,78
3. Relevant overhead trolley&carriages&spare parts
4. as per your drawings or samples

Forged conveyor chain , trolleys, carriers used on overhead conveyor production line.

Drop forged detachable chainsX348,X458,X678,X698,F100,F160,P80,P100,P200
CatterPilar Chains forX348,X458,X678,X698

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